Friday, 23 December 2011

New Daily Life~~~

Hello ,It be a While,Im not Update This Blog, Hehe Getting busy Day by Day~~

Well Now I feel Free to On9 & write a new post, well Now Im Currently Listening a Song "Just Tonight" from "The Pretty Reckless"~~
Mood : I dont know,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,(Happy,sad, ),Nahhhh...It does't matter
well I m gonna update about yesterday, Goin to Mydin In JB~^^hehe It kinda Nice got many daily life thing, & the the price also nice.... (VERY NICE ><~!!   :P  )...

Well From what I know, This is a thing that Indian people mostly used fr curry thing,,i guess...........  :P hehe

Ehehe sorry fr the red shirt man, I did't mean to take ur pic !^^

Thing That I buy fr my House ~^^!

wahh I actually love Scrub~~><

here also~~

The price is   =.=""......................

Well after buying all thing that I need , Im go back to restaurant,, well the restaurant get a few more update ,haha Chec It Out~!!^^

hehe for time to time I can see see the restaurant get a change to 75% ~^^
thankful fr that~

The Dark Red Daisy, Now give new Flower,so happy~!!^^ 

the Small new leaf at this flower also Make me feel more happy, it began to grow~^^

This is the some plants that I get around the house~^^!!

This 2 Pics, U guess By yourself ok I dont want to remember it again~~
It my mum force me to do it~!!>< huwaaaa...............

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Pasar Malam~^^

Yesterday Go Pasar Malam...hehe I juz wanna look around but I attract with a bangle ( I actually a Bangle maniac)~^^
 Sad no time to take the pic but I buy I shirt That a bit nice lo~^^haha

ugly rite,hhaha I knw

Sunday, 18 December 2011

New Collection & Cat Got OWner~^^!!

Well ,because I was so "PLEASED" to buy the red Daisy, On the next day I go again to Kipmart Masai & Find the daisy, Now I gt it ^^~!!!! yay~

Red One So happy~~~^^!!!

On the way Back home, Got one woman come & tell tht she  see my facebook & my Blog ,
she ask me, I was a Celebrity?? ==..............
To be honest Im Blushing, & I tell him I juz a ordinary person, that do many carzy thing,haha~^^

well here is the pic~^^
take before I go back home~^^


I have 5 Collection Of daisy In different colour^~^
More will be buy in future

Rest a bit & pic ~^^

With Sis

With Mum~^^!

Remember A Mother Cat & her 6 Baby??? 
well They gt an Owner already

Yesterday One Kind Woman Come & seem like the cat,, well even i love the cats but I still gonna be very happy If gt a person with a good heart willing to care them^^
Here a Video photo that I upload Before The cats been sent away ~^_^

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Kipmart Masai & Renew Restaurants

This is why I love to go to nursey  Animals ,  see the Flower really give me a peace feeling &  release stresss

Red Daisy,, arrhhh , Im So regret not to buy it~!!!! (Buy already)~^^

Dark Red & Yellow 

Yellow Amanda

Amanda flower, Rm 15, hmmmm><~!!!!

Persian Cat  te orange one is so so CUTE~!!

Guinea Pigs slepp 1,2,3............

Puffy Rabbits

White Albino Rabbits


I buy the Orange colour  fr RM10

Success To put it as one of my collection.....
At Home~~

Mother,start to walk outside (Before scated ) <3 ~~

Baby~~~~ <3~!


Still on process , do wait ok~!!^^

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