Wednesday, 30 November 2011

KipMart Tampoi Shopping & Watching~~~~

Today I go with My sis & her Husband  To Kipmart Tampoi,,,, well  We all Go For Shopping  Some Groceries Fr the restaurant....~^_^

This Baby Tomato  that Firstly Caught my eyes ,aha it so cute~^^!!

Like a "Jakun" boy as always, SNapping, SNappinG~~~~!!

After A  Few minute I decided to split away from my sister & her husband, Goin to my own direction, Looking & Feel anything that i want,haha.............
well it very2 a lucky day for me because, I saw a Pet shop,~~^^!! something that quit a long time that I want to search in JB~!! 
Well beside the Pet Shop is Plants Nursery, but i dont have time to look for it, haha......such many animals that got there but this is the animals that caught my eyes!!

A cute Guinea Pigs,,hehe there are 3 of them, 2 are tame, 1 is a  bit scared to get near my finger~~
Then  , This is one animals That I so love to pets someday, "Hedgehog" ~~!!!!
Got in dark colour & also  got an albino Type one, waa so many,I  ask the manager , how much it is ... He say it was RM150.00 (waa expensive but i still want one pair someday~! hehe............

P.s : the malay worker here so sombong, i ask him but ignore me ( not juz me i guess ,but other customer also ) ~>< grrrrrr , "Kick Ass " baru tahu~~~ :P many ,, pless lets me collect my money first ,, WAIT ME~!!

Waa Rabbit also got,but my attention still at the "Hedgehog" one~!!!><

All sleeep,, haha wish I can Touch them, plus the  Torn is not so Sharp :P hehe....

hehe I love the Albino one~~~^^

Hamster in "Aquarium" ~~ cannot see~~~

well I still not finish To make my self Satisfy....My sister call me to Help her ~~ ><....

So Many Things In thisTtrolly, I need to Build More Muscles To Push This ~~~~><

Reach at Car~~~~ Goin Back to Home ~~~ huhuhu I gonna Miss that "Hedgehog"    waaa~~~!!!  
Nvm I can Dream Them ,hehe <3.......

Monday, 28 November 2011

BaBy CaTS~~~!!

 Hello , hahaha
Remember my post  :    ???
 well this is the update one, wanna knw what is the "SECRET " hehehe see it now!!

The Right one is  Kiki , The Left one is Kiko~~^^!!!!!

Poor cute little baby,haha well im so dreamy to have them^~^!

Kiko is very smart  & shy one,, Kiki is more to active & funny~!

( Thanks for My friend  ,MientHien,He take the video,Me on that time is trying to hug the mother >< but The Mother Don't want to accept My Love.. :"(............

Selera Kampung Melayu Part 3

Hello all friend, Now my new Update is the continue fr  :

This is the update , enjoy it, & I also Super EXCITED~!!!

all people here are the member (Other people will think this is all the customer one,hahaha)

The chair & & Desk Set,, Omo, my mum face also included~~

This is My situation rite now with my relatives ~^^ hehe....

hehe In future this restaurant will start t work, & if U wanna go eat here, U will meet me as a Waiter~^^

What u want to order sir???~^^hehehe

Sunday, 27 November 2011

New Arrival In FUTURE~!!!!!!!~

Well This nite at  10 Pm,  Me & My Mum has already Discuss  & Agreed To have a "New Arrival"  In The House + In the Family Member Also~~
Wanna Know What????
well it SECRET,  hahaha Well  We Already Make a bed For The "New Arrival" ~~^^ Do see it & Guess~! haha :)

It hard to see her to be interest in this kind of things but Im so glad ~^^

The new Arrival Name~^^......

The making time~~

85% done....

Although was actually a Recycling  box, but im so happy because she made it 
&  she do it right after she back from home~~
mum Im so Thankful, U the BEST~!!
Tommorw i will bring this box to the first owner, then if got my luck , The "New Arrival" will be mine~^^ 

Selera Kampung Melayu Part 2

This the continue of  :
Well Before I  post about this already,, now i want to update it ~^^ hehehe...
The dream will come true~!!

look before the  Chair & Desk come...

The Official Signboard~!

The Juntion Mini SignBoard~~

The view of  the Restaurant

People that helping each other to built the chair & Desk

Chair & Desk that still in the Box

My Motorcycle that already wet because of rain~~


Chair~~!!! omg it nice


some of the girls seem to  look & chit chat~

One of the younger relatives come to help~~~!!

My mummy ~~!!

Well Im will Update more & more of this restaurant built Process~~ Future to future~^^ (AING~!)

Friday, 25 November 2011

PusaT MeManCinG Udang KT Ulu Choh~~

At 9.55 me,my sis & my bro go to Ulu Choh  fr fishing Shrimp......I already forgot my fishing Hobby
So it time for renew it back~!!  ^_^

First time we reach here, I taught It was a Restaurant~~~ But I was wrong ==~~......

It a bit sad tht we all a bit late, the Uncle (Chinese Tauke) told tht the Shrimp tht got in the pond is  only got a few already T.T ,,,,,,,,,,
We all want to to try our Luck, We take the challenge fr 1 Hour~~,,

Few moment The Uncle not allowed me to take picture here (Mean No Camera /Flash) Shit~~~~
haiz.... nvm  at least I manage to take  a ic of  this info paper ~^^hehehe :P
plus fr 1 Hour, it useless to bring my sis along she juz look bored .im the one who has to be  Shameless to hold the Rods~><!

First  Shrimp it kinda dissapointed me ,I almost catch a big one but it manage to get away~~ haiz, not my luck~~~~~
well after Full 1 hours, we all back home  with a bit VICTORY
even not much but i happy~^^ hehe

Hehe  back Home, i rushed take the pic,haha this is the Shrimp Tht we caught, I love the  big one,, it kinda hard to caught it ^~^ 
hehe a bit proud & happy because I have renew back my hobby,, hehe next i will go again, will try to bring back more victory, Hwaiting Junkey,, btw tommorw i want to cook wht with this shrimp, ??

After Jogging~~~~^^

Everyday Raining, Haiz,, I need to Postpone my Gym activities~~~><
Mood : sad , Happy  & sleepy
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