Monday, 30 January 2012

Nursery Visit With Mum & My dream Someday :P

A person tht really know My hobby & interst, she know me well,haha of coz lo, She is My mum,,,
We both Go out fr a fresh air,, out from a stress & tired work at restaurant fr a moment....
It very refreshing, well I guess at perling area, we found this one Nursery,,,,so big....I was catch by the red decoration (fr chinese New Year la)haha it very2 nicee^~^
hehe  ,I post the pic ,I hope u enjoy the beauty too~^^

See the Entry place ,I saw a beautiful view, the arrange of the flower & plants, so attracting,haha ~~ XP~!!

Pink Morning Glory ,really2 attractive

hmmm If can I want to take all of it,haha

Well because of to focus taking pic ,I almost slip & almost to this cute plants, well to cover my shameless I take this pic (Because gt worker look at me lol "Girl one")hahaha~!

the variety type of Vase, u can choose & buy it with a cheap price, ( I Like it~!!!)

This is "Rose Apple or Jambu Air " plant,, I see the fruit~!!

This Rose Apple is good for eating freshly, good fr red blood cell. at my village I always eat it, someday I hope I can buy it & put it in my dream house~~^^

White  Cambodia, well I give it at the restaurant already, but still a baby one,,haha~~!

nice plants~~^^

this is orange plants , it a "Gong Xi Fa Cai" time lo.. but now the price more down already, RM 50
but fr me I got RM 32 hehe. but sad cos my mum say no need la, maybe next time T.T~~~

very2 Tempt Me out~!!!!

waa so may oo, hehe :P

Im not remember the name but I see it at my friend house before~^^

A Grape Plants so cheap RM5 each,, but place I want to put ,>< sad...

Kasturi Lime Plants, very good fr skin, the Juice is very2 suitable fr blood  & full with vitamin C~!! <3

Leatherback Bamboo
Good for daily Food  ~^^

hehe  :P

Im very2 love this plants

Pitcher plants Also got lo, I never realise it haha

waa good fr a cactus Lover

peace lily ,I gt already but Im jealus of it flower

Also a Morning Glory 

I also fit to get in this big vase 

Because so focus on exploring the nursery
I found this, a very2  nice pond, (My dream one actually, even the fish is so less but nvm Im so in love with the natured view,,, I want to make one lol,,hehe Dont ever thing Im not good in making this~! 
juz need a place to do it ..
be cool Jaejun, Someday u will get what u want

Front of the pond I found this ,, waaa, Im getting crazy,haha

this is a Violet colour  Rose RM 10 ><~~

REd + Black  So  So admired this one, ( wish gt White & black colour~!!)

Guinea pigs~!!!!^^
well Thx fr people tht  view my Blogs Post,, I hope u enjoy it, Wish me luck fr my dream,, have a nice day & I wish u all the best ~^^!

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