Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Jalan - Jalan

haha , like always I got restaurant not juz take a part time work. but I also Review my plants ~^^
now my mum said. tht thiis is not a restaurants anymor, it more look like a flower nursery~^^haha lol,
cos many customer came will ask did I sell the flower ?~^^  whatever lol

Few Of my  Plants~!^^
& here a video  "Go Kipmart Tampoi"

haha ^^ hope u enjoy

Thursday, 16 February 2012

News Selca For Study & My dream Dove Birds~!!!!

Well Today I juz change back my hair colour From Blonde to Dark brown (Light to Dark)
well Im just make a preparation for  Getting In College in JB~^^

well after Done colour my hair. I go to Kipmart tampoi fr walk around, waa I see one thing tht I like the Most.... A white Dove Birds....
all 5 of them ,, Rm 25 each >< 

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Yesterday ( Afternoon) ,Nite & Today~!^^

Well Im now want to update my newest Info about my Plants on yesterday after noon activity is a  bit tired but fun lol,haha~^^

Here a pics of my plants tht still in "Recovery" Mode^^~

Water Lily tht I take with my mum ,, now seem to grow nicely & start to blomming a flower~!^^

2  White Daisy (Left)  & Yellow  Daisy (Right) tht still in Adapt in the new Place~^^

The rest of daisy tht need a Gromming  process

I love the colour~!! <3.....

"Pokok Sundal Malam " wow,,, it kinda hard for me to remember this plants name~^^

Well around 4pm i guess , I go to nursey with my sis future husband ,,, Well I already swear i only want to buy 2 daisy~~ so I only bring RM30
 When I reach there I see,,,,,,,,,
Glup, the strawberi look so delicious, 
P.S : I want the plants~!!!!!><

so nice one lol

I blur with name ~~ but surely it look so cute~

Both of this daisy cost RM 8.00 + Pot for RM 5


After Close the restaurant. I Rush watering the daisy,, it for giving them a fresh condition ...

Back from home I see this 3 little cutie   waiting for me to feed them , 
They sit inside the shoes Board,hahaha they attitude is so so cute haha. well after give them  food ,, I m decide to play play with them~^^!! 

Because to overjoy I forgot Im playing with them until 3AM ==
haha here the video~~
(PS : Im so sorry cos I dont know how to adjust the screen )~!><
enjoy k..

Today Morning Im review back my plants before start my work well mostly look nice already~^^haha
well all friend thx fr see my blogpost , do have a great day & if free ,do come to my sis restaurant lol~^^

~O (^_^) O~

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Today Experience with My Parents

I think today is one of the happies day of my life... Well Im actually should start work at 4pm ,, but My mum steal me to go out ~!!hahaha, she say let go lets the stress out~!!!! ^^hahaha

haha firstly in the morning  I do some Check Up with mY plants ~^^ hehe
 Do enjoy the pics ...

My Morning  Breakfast~^^!!! YUM Yum....

Around 8am I see This Daisy plant ,It a bit dissapointed me, cos I tot It was A yellow colour, But it was Red colour T.T.......

For the real red one already gt three new flower~^^
(So now I official gt 2 red daisy lol~!!!)

Got a neighbour give me a Ylang - Ylang Tree so glad & thankful..
Wanna Know Ylang - Ylang Info & Pic???

The neighbour also give me this, well I know most people gt this at house already,But I still dont have it ,so sorry fr my showOff lol~^^haha :P

People will wondering what is this , well it actualy a Rain water Channels
Well the things  tht attract me is, Got a birds tht make a nest in it,,, this kind of birds,~^^

TG, Piai

I go here with my mum & my dad , haha even that day was a bit raining, but Im surely having fun to look around~^^ do enjoy the pics

Hey ~! Here also got many gifts shop^^~!

this is place board  tht show different size & Species of Sea Shell..

OMG ,Im loving this view, feel like want to stay here lol, But scared of tsunami >< ~!!haha
What the Hell I Still like it~!!!

A "POSE" of a lazy person ==""".........

bye2 later I will come Back...~!!^^
On the way To go back Home We see a "Pasar Malam at Kg,Seri bunian at pekan nenas...
Woo many thing to see , until I forgot I only snap 1 pics  LOL T.T.....
see this slippers make me remember all my baby cousin~!!!><

Haha After Finish Buying Food , we continue to go back home, But on the way from Pontian, we saw This "Water Lily" all around the drain...
hehe I tought Im the only one dreamy to take it, My mum suddenly look at me, Im smile, She nod, we both ask our father to stop the Car beside the road, My dad shook his head, he stop the car & say OK~^^!

My mum Pick it & put it in plastic bag~!

Mine one ,haha ~^^

Dad is looking & smoke ( Not helping us T.T.......)

see it make me want to take all,hahaha kiddin :P

useful tips , If our hand is dirty / full with "Mud Soil" haha juz use grass, wipe it out, it useful but still need to use a water for 100% clean hand~^^

Im a  bit satisfield about the flower,hehe on the way in reaching to Pekan nenas  Mymum & me see the Plants Nursey tht still open it 5pm already,,, well this nursey I go before : http://wongjaejun.blogspot.com/2012/01/blog-post_23.html
Do enjoy the pics ok~^^

it RM 10 , wait fr me ok~

Im  buying White  & yellow Daisy,,, & Sundal malam Plants , so happy for it
I dont how to thank my parents so much, Im so like it~^^
hoping to have this kind of chance again,, 
PS: for my friend It easy to to make me happy, take me /give me a flower/ animals , I will like it
(Animals tht I like only lol,haha)haha 
tht for see it ,Now the fever boy is goin to sleep Gud Nite~^^

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