Saturday, 31 March 2012

My Bubbly "KiKi"

      Hahaha I was about to Tell  a New story today~!
I add one more member In my pet group~^^
well I accidently found her at other restaurant, according to the tauke,,she was abandon for a long time..
I made a decision to take her with me... First day at my home, she a bit fierce & scared... everytime,I been scratched by her ,but I understand,she still cannot make herself at HOME yet....

     After 3 Days, She seem OK now, & began to allowed me to touch her (^^)!! .... & now  it already been 1 week at home, she really tame with me, but fierce with other people ,including my family, If I not call her name, she will not gonna come out from the cage.. if she saw me,she will  come approach & will laying down beside me,haha Sometime I feel lucky because she can accept me^~^!!haha

    OPpsss I forgot to tell little a bit about Her  ~!! Her name is "KiKi"  ,It was my nickname, but to me it so "Baby" for that lol!, haha so I just give it to her :) ..well I want to know more about how to take care her,
so I search from google Because Im bit attract with the Unique  pattern of hair on KiKi body .. It really shock me, she is a Savannah cats, but in F1 species,Grey Colour & she is a  Female...waa even she not really  simillar to my dream Savannah Cats ,but Im seriously feel close with her~^^ & now I also got A GOOD & HAPPY news,
She Pregnant ,,,,!!! He husband? Dont Know .maybe a normal male cats in malaysia .But seriously NOT me~!!>< Hahaha....

KiKi In The Haus !

She Fierce to other but not me~!! Hehe sayang You....
PS : KiKi is a "Camera Shy" one~~>< 
that why Im very hard to take her best pic lo~^^
trying hard........

At the living room, She resting & watching TV

"Landing" Beside me...
Im currently reading Book

Her pattern is NICE~!

Waa from see her pic like this, Im sure She will be a good Mum~^^

Haha is it she cute~^^!???
btw this is the video of her, My Bubly KiKi~!!

Will update more of Her NEWS~^^!!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Today Was A Bless

Well, today... I  finally got a chance to Chase my dream...
It been a long time..But I really happy because I finally Success to have it .

     For My Daily life, I still Working & study......Hmm I need to find some time to go to gym,
& I also miss friend...How I wish I can Go back to the past, But I know We need to get futher & dont look back  :)

    My family, Well my parent is Getting good, even got as bit conflict, but I guess that I a life :)...
My Personal, Im currently In mood  of "Trying to knowing someone more better"
I want to know more about U,,, I will try to a best one,, hoping U can accept me well.....
But I also need remember,, Work & study also Important to for good life in future, so Im will not gonna engrossed to relationship so much, But that does't mean I'm not gonna care u.....


Friday, 23 March 2012

Restaurants Update^^

Hello,It a bit long time Im not telling about the restaurant update, well here is some pic of the restaurant^^
I just take a few lo,because a bit busy to open it at 7.30am
Im actualy a Sleepy Head but will wake up easily without angry loh^^hahaha

this fences was made by me & my father lo

this side still in process fr more upgrade

I love to play here at night

all plants grow nicely

This is a mini nursery,(Still in process,I put Daisy & roses in here)
(PS: The plants tht see in this pic , I plants it ALL LOL


Also ,For future Update (maybe).
I will open My own Mini store beside the restaurant

A few List Menu :
Ice Cream Scope
Otak-otak (鲤鱼包) 
Top UP

haha it still in process & I still cannot comfirm it,
Wait & see ok^^!
Btw Thx for View & do comments^^

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Chase My Dream!!

I Now study In College,,, will take diploma for 3 years (Office Management) ....
I will Study Hard ,Hwaiting for me ><~!!!
To get a Good Jobs (With A good salary)  I need to have a Good result in Study ....~!!

(Current Status)

Well , On the same time Im also working In my sis restaurant ( Taking a part Time) well Im sure my rest time will be a bit short but Nvm, I will be ok, ^^
Ps : I love my work so so MUCH,, It teach me how to be a Talk Active  (From COLD to ACTIVE) , from Moody to Cheerful,hahaha
hehehe Plus Getting an extra money lo~!^^

Even the customer come with different kind of attitude,,
as a waiter ,I need a strong patience...but some time I can  get really piss off lo~!
NVM la be a cool boy^^!

Well for real, Im in love.......
In everything
I Will make all things Work On Gently^^

Saturday, 17 March 2012


Hello My Blog Friend~^^ hehehe I think Oo... most of my personal Blog post are about animals & plants much,hahaha ,, How About me???? hehehe I forgot lo, this is a personal one that tell about ,Myself & I ~^^
okok .....I will try to improved myself & my attitude ok~^^

Btw..Today I just go to Kipmart Masai, & see  a clothes lo ,hehe I think It been so long,Im not shopping~^^
well I try 3 clothes only lo, which one that u all  think  suitable with me???hahaha

hahaha!^^ hehe right now at 12.40AM
mood : bored & start to feel sleepy, ok lo
Good NIGHT~!^^

Friday, 16 March 2012

Yesterday Evenin & nite~ (So Tired But Happy)

Well I guess Around  6pm, I  Done "Meet Up", So I waiting My sister In Jusco Bukit Indah, Well abit sad because My sis busy so She will take me at 8pm,,,,,,,,,,,==""
Well maybe it my time to go exploring Jusco more Better... Firstly I go to the top level ,hehe Kinda many thing that really attract me lo~^^

Hmm A simple  furniture ,Suitable to put Book & our fav things~^^
the price is ok la~^^

This one Also  nice & I love the price,,,
(Ahaks ,I'm sure  my cat will make one of the place as his bed~^^hehehe

OMG....Many things I can put there ,
(I always want to have a mini library in my house,maybe this will work
plus price RM 139 ,(Dont LOOK ,I BOOKED First~!!><)

other one in white colour & different pattern~~ <3

WellI walk around  at look at time it 6.25...=="""" well  luckily this  Potrait  attract me so much,ahaks....Again I'm in the"Explore Mood" There are varitety of potrait here but I kinda dissapointed with they way the arraged it, all mess up, I feelin like I was in the Stor Room~~~ ><

Nvm look first Buy later~~

Well I a Comic maniac,, This will help To keep them ,hehe~!!

Bigger to smallest
Younger to older

look like a real doggy, Come here baby~!!
I want to hug u & kiss u so badly~~
Price RM 112, emm nvm la,  "U be In My Dream"~~

I think My mum Will like this~!!^^

Well my sis Will surely like it

the statue of a peacock look so nice & the Fruit vase is so suitable for My Room decoration
^^hahaha  & For the Lower pic one  (all 4 pic ,DOWN)
I am so lucky for not bring my baby cousin, ( 4 girls ,2 Boys)
If not,OMG Pokai la......
Im cannot stand by their appeal ><""
(Mummy Help me~~~My money~~~dah Xde...)

(Actually I love this one "Im not a teddy bear lover,but I dont know why, This one attract me~^^

well after Done "Cuci mata" I start to get Boring.... that time is  7.01pm.......... the I saw a "Book Store" ( Kinda like a library lo).well after  a Long searching, This book attract  me (So childish me~!!!>< )  ,, I  Read & Read Until I got a call from my sister ,saying she already reach,,,so I close the book & rush to meet her, Well I tought we about to go back home ,But NO, we Goin to mydin to buy Groceries,,,,,,=="" sabar Jae,back Home U minta Gaji~~^_^......

This I My Dinner,,, Then Go To mydin~^^


Well Firstly Im so sorry to say , I Lazy to explain  ,haha  because On this time Im on the "No mood"
Tired + sleepy & not bath yet, tht a big problem,hahaha, There,Im taking RandOM PiC ~~
Do see if U want K, No forcing U~^^

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