Saturday, 28 April 2012

Yesterday Moments~^^

Hehehe it been a long time, im not Update about my experienced ~^^
well Now Im goin to update it...
Firstly When Im back to Jb ( Go Singapore fr moments) ,,, Kiki "Merajuk " ><, maybe Im less giving her an attention lo.... kesian,haha
This time She was sulky ...hehehe

Now She trying to "Mengatal"hehehe ^^

Because of to busy Working Im  always forgot to Hug her,,, that why she always approach me,want me to hug her,hahaha ^_^
Well ..Almost half Hour I Giving my time to her, Now She sleeping (Dont want to take pic,scared she awaked) so Im get ready to go out,it time for me to "Have Some Fun" hehe lets go ,(By motorcycle)^_^

Hehe Im Sure U guys know where im goin right, Of coz Flower nursery.... In my life,,, only 3 place that really2 can make me feeling peace ,enjoy & calm ....
1:  Flower & plants Nursery 
2 :  Animals / Pets shop , 
3 : Library/Book Stored ( all this place, I will never resist  it >_<~!!!), But this time Im just Going to Plants Nursery  because tht the  nearest place near to my House~~ 

Again & again Im Snapping pic~!^^! hahaha

waa ....... "Tempua Birds nest"
at pengkalan kubor thailand, This nest can be found easily around fruit orchards^~^

Well At the nursery also sell  magazine
After a Hard  Choice..
This magazine Is goin Home with me, haiz,, if i bring more money
i guess almost 4 or 5 magazine I buy leh^~^!

Hehe btw this is the pic of the plants tht I snap,, (Ps : I very love it^^!!!) OMG  when I been there, I feel like I was in heaven tht full of flower ~!>< haha

(UP) This plants (Im not remember the name) Is suitable for "Hanging tree" style , because it has a soft stem & growing vine..^^
also suitable for indoor plants.

2 Pics (Down) ,this kind of orchids is my fav, because it easy to be care & don't need to have an "Extra Care" like Butterfly Orchrid...Plus it very easy to be breed^^ haha Sigh...If I got extra money, surely I buy it already..

Example of Butterfly Orchird,,( very beautiful but need a pro care)
I know how to care it but I really dont have time to do it~^^
Example : White Flower species  pic....
Full Plants of Butterfly orchirds Pic


Ok this one (Pic DOWN), If u really focus la.. U may found it grow wild around ur place...
example, I see this orchirds growing beside the road..
it call "Nut Orchirds" ( search from internet,if mistake sorry yea)haha..
Well mostly u will find it in purple colour,But this one  is white. I dont know it a wild one or Hybrid...
RM 15 each..

This flower (Not remember the name) will bloom flower everyday.
suitable for climbing tree type.....
PS : i LOVE the Blue Lavender Colour ><...
I have a very good plan for this~!^^heehe

OMG.....I just find a group of carnivors plants 4 Picture (DOWN)
(PS: New lesson, I just know, a exotic carnivor plants cannot use a simple soil to plants them, they need a 85% moisture soil,,, well if  "Mud" is not really suitable for them....
so,the suitable Soil for them = Seaweed ~!!!^^
ahaks I'm very clever lol, the owner ask me, do I want to work with her,(OMG~!!! if can I want but, later I need to add 3 list of working lol) >< haiz....

See the ingredient tht use 
Dry seaweed (Now been watered)
& mix abit with  soil...~^^

Cylinder Tube Pitcher Plants

Venus Flytrap

I forgot this 2  Pic (UP) plants name..but omg Im so GLUP............>_<~!!

Daisy Flower that just newly delivered...
wow wow wow
Im a Daisy fancier~!!
I love it~!! 
IT Just


 Well ,After Tht. I go with my Mum to JB sentosa Hill ( I guess)
My mum want to buy a clothes, preparing for my sis wedding.
Hehehe tht Cars attract me alot...
 One With "Naruto Theme", Other one like "Final Fantasy"

OK that All for today... Hope u all enjoy My news blogpost k
Thank you for visiting 
love u all~^^
Hugs Hugs

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

How To make "Kim Chi" ^_^

Of the Countless varieties of kim chi that are made in korea , by far the most common and celebrated version is made with  Napa Cabbage .
Kimchi that made with Cabbage is loaded with indole-3-carbinol (I3C), a compound that is well recognized as a powerful Cancer Fighting Compound . Numerous studies indicated that I3C can offer protection againts many differents type of cancer and may even stop the grow of existing tumors.
You can Hop on over a local korean market to buy a bottle of kimchi , but it may not be as healthy as you like, since most commercially prepared varieties are made with white sugar and shrimp.
To make healthy Kimchi that have lots of flavour and health promoting compounds,
starts with a whole head of fresh Napa Cabbage.
Separates the leaves and chop them up to Bite-Sized pieces, the shred of cabbaged will shrink about 25% during processing, so no need to make them to small , and no need to clean them yet , as we 'll be giving a good rinse in a bit.
Measured out a quater cup of Sea Salt.
And add it to a small bowl of warm water
Give it a Gentle stir until the salt is dissolved
Now add the salt water to the cabbaged and give the cabbaged a light toss to distribute the salt water.

Now a bit of waiting time . The salt cabbaged need to sit at room temperature for about Four Hours .  The salt will help draw moistoure out of the cabbaged , and will also act as a natural preservative.

Here's what the cabbaged should look like after about four hours.
If You look closely ,you see a small pool of salt brine at the bottom of the bowl.
Now grease up your elbows and wash and strain the cabbaged two or three times. You want to Rinse off the salt water and return the cabbaged to a larged bowl.
Congratulations - this is the base for your Kimchi.
Measure out of quater cup of Ko Choo Kah Rhoo ,also know as fine red chilie flake/powder. If You dont have easy acces  to a local korean stores , you can order it at here :
Add a quaters cup of warm water and mix with the spoon  until the chilies powder/flakes turn into a bit of  a pasted.
Transfer the red papper pasted to the cabbaged.
Plus a tablespoon of  minced garlic.
And a tablespoon of chop/minced Ginger.
Three to four Green Onion /Sliced.
Two tablespoon of Anchovy sauces or fish sauce. If you prefer a vegeterian version, You can skip this step.
And now for the secret ingredient that sets this kim chi aparts from most commercially prepared varieties : 
a Concoction of half of ripe apple, half of ripe pear, Half of ripe yellow onion, all blend up with one cup of water.
This apple/pear/yellow onion add a hints of natural sweetness to the kim chi - most commercials varieties a cup of sugar.
Now puts on a pair of gloves so that you can get right in there and give everything a solid toss and rubdown.
Gloves are necessary , as the red chili flake/powder will make your bare hand burn.
And Volia~!!!! you have a homemade Kimchi that should pleased even the fussiest korean food critics.
You want to bottle the Kim Chi up, In glass bottle, cap them and leave them out at room temperature for 24 hours before refrigerating.

Warning : Dont fill the jar right up to their tops , as the content will expand a bit as the Kim Chi ferments ,and filling the jar to their rims will likely result in leakage.
Here the look from up top:
And from the fronts in all it glory
After 24 hour of fermentation out in room temperature. tranfers capped bottle to the refrigerator and take portion out as needed. The Kim chi will continue to ferments while refrigerator, and will keep for at least a month. The Longer it ferments, the more sour it will gets.

Hope u like this recipe make tips~^^!

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Question & Answer...

Your Personality Towards Friend : I was very2 Quiet to stranger But very talk Active to my friend......But Still I hard to talk with a girl in real life,, There Just like a Plaster Stick on my moulth & I will end up to be In " COLD Act "  >< ...

Your Fav Food During Hang Out : I Love Ice cream , Sushi , & yes Im a snack holic~! (Bad for healthy).

Smoking or Drink Beer : This one I can be a bit proud of myself, im not a smoker & Drink, But Who know future rite^~^!haha joke...

Dream That Never Come True :  I want to be an Actor or a Pro Model ...>_<

Specialities : I can  Cook , I Can Tame a CAT  & I can See Ghost~~ Really....

Your Dream Idol : Girl  (After School) Lizzy  , Boy (U-Kiss) Kiseop... (I Adore them so Much).

Hobbies : Hmmmm I love Basketball (Male one >_<)  , Gym Maniac , & Running~^^!

If You Were Free For 1 Days ,What Will You Do ? : I will wake up early, brush my teeth, Then go back to sleep (Im sleepy Head) >_<!

Fav Colour : Black & White ..Tht My Fanatic colour one^^

Animals that You Like? :  Haizz so many oo,,,, Dogs ,Cats, Birds,Chicken,Swan & Many more.
Ps : My Interest is so Kampung style but do I care ~!!^^

Your Charm ? : Only if people Know me so well~ :)

Type of people That U hate : Make me Waiting  without logic reason Or not inform me, (That really piss me off) , Hate People that Over Showoff  , Hate people tht bully the weak , Very anti to people tht talk bad or racist to other people regilion (No matter what Regilion we are, we must show a respect & do care other one ), Really hate people tht judging by the cover....~^^
 Ps : Arrogant one?? then u can go to Hell...

Your Style : depends on my mood ,but I will make sure Im not look weird to people around, But Im not shopping HOLIC~! >_<

My Dream Moment : Find a person really care me ,,Have my dream house, Full of my dream things leh~!^^haha & I live near to my lover  (Ps : Im not trust In long distance relation, especially different Country~ hard to keep)

5 Things that You Dont know about Me

  • I Can Play Guitar...
  • I Can Do Rapp (Mandarin, English , Japan & Korean)
  • I Can Acting ( Always get In School Drama Class)
  • I Can Create My own Dance Coreo (Depends On Music )
  • I love to sleep In the Dark & hate Sun Light

Thursday, 12 April 2012

SIngapore Time

Wake Up in the Morning first thing that I do is this ~!! ^_^

Recipe Name : Maggie Full 

Ingredient :
1 Maggie , 5/6 fishball (Meatball ) ,6 Tauhu (Slice) , 1 Tomato , 1 Big Onion , Chili Sause ..

After Done My recipe, I eat it with my sister..... then we all get ready to go to singapore,,,~^^ (Excited2) 
because it been a long time Im not go shopping ,,,In   OG Mall...
so many merlion jed here  at 3 for 10 shop^~^!!

ahaks I love this underwear~^^!
(Girls dont see , SHY~!!!)

taking pic of myself ,,,lalala so boring waiting for my sis to choose a shoes 

My mum "Melayan my sis " LOL
Im tired already being a BodyGuard to Follow them around..... ><

OMG I tot "Lady Gaga" twins ,hahaha~^^!

hmm  , Can I just take off my clothes outside the fitting room ?? 
Lazy to get in^~^

Hehehe seem all family are here, so Eating time is defienetly Happy & good~^^!
Ps : I love the "Sea Coconut" so much,,, The "Lemon Juice " is very good So Masam....><
For the other food, I give 10 star , so delicious~^^ ~Chi Fan  ~~~

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