Tuesday, 29 May 2012

lol lol!! >.<~~

Haha 1 Days & half... My beloved brother from singapore come to Jb to meet & hang out with me ,OMG so miss him leh >< haha ,, He pampered me a lot ,haha
Thx u so much, I dont knoww hw to repay ur kindness^^
This is America faintail Pigeon..
1 pair fr RM100
(Seriously ,Half of my mind gone on tht time,Becaused so in shock mood)

Red Grape plants,a bit expensive RM 38 (I guess0
thx to my bro,I have it now,Love it ><!!!!!

A normal green grape, RM 18,, plant it beside my Daisie^^

And A bit UPDATE about my sis Restaurant ^_^.............

the flower /plants tht i plant  now are growing big & well^^!!

(Pics been take at 2am) ^^ 

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

BOO Lala...

A Short UPDATE about myself......
IM getting better now :)
thx fr ur support yea~^^

Hmmmm.. I want to go out wth u,But NVm I better go alone :)
Well Im more love to go out with friend tht more "Sekepala" with me lol.
Well U all know tht Im a  Pets ,Plants & Book Holic rite?? hahaha
On my free time,I really love to go visit this 3 place very much, no matter where I go lol,, 
but this year I also start to attract to go to Indoor decoration place  too ~!! ^^ hehe

Exotic pets shop in JB,I love this place so much....
many animals & fish tht I attract here ,PS :  all of the fish here are Fresh water one~^^!!

Cost RM59.90  ==""" (NVM collect money)

Cost RM19.90  ( wow will buy it, Im not an orchrids fancier but nvm,) I want to get some knowledge about it,,,,About the language,NVM, Read & learn~^^!!!

hehehe suitable for cooking,hehehe.I want2~!!!!

My mum buy all three of it,Tq Mum HUGS~!!!!

Walk around & i Go to Fish Shop at  Perling Kipmart~!!!!^^
I really love fish ( Especially fresh Water One)^^!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

KiKi..... :(

Name : Hazel Kiki
(Hazel) Her eyes... My mum give her tht name.
(Kiki) this name should be my nickname,, but I refused becaused I got to many nickname already,, So I got an Idea to call her Kiki  :") ...

Status : A mother To 6 Beautiful baby
(give birth 1 week ago)

Adopted : She actually been take home on 18/03/2012 ..
But she Kinda  wild on tht time & yes I almost give up on pet her .....

Die : 13/5/2012 ( Mothers Days)
( She Been Hit By lorry)

My Feeling
 Today is a  Mothers Days, it should be a happy days for me & family, But it turn a bit to be sad Time for me & my mother.. 
Kiki is one the most lovely member in the house... first time we take her home, my mum seem not agreed to pet her becaused she act so wild, but after over 1 month . she began to be the Baby in the housed...
     During The Incident , I was so busy on prepared  & decorate fr  celebrating mothers days ( My mum back from works a  bit late at 10pm).... because of to focus , I ignoring Hazel tht keep following me ,she also make a sound, seem like asking something ... but Im less realised it & keep doin my work...sometime she jump on tht table just to attract me to look & focus at her,, On tht time Im a bit annoyed by her act, so I take her ,then put her in the house & say "Hazel! Behave!" she seem shocked,Maybe because it the first time I told her like tht :(  ( Right Now I feel so sad & guilty) ..... around 11.00pm  my mum  reach & we celebrated the Mothers Day with all family,, As Im goin to the Kitchen To take some Plate to be use... I Did't see kiki around, just her baby sleep comfortably on the mini bed tht I just bought for her as Mothers Day ( Because She also a Mum to 6 baby ) :") ... then I just  saw her empty food containers... so tht time Im just realised, I still  dont give her a food for dinner ( Normally I give her at 8.30 /9.00 pm) ... tha time , feeling a bit guilty. so i  fill the containers with food ( Give a bit extra for "Sorry" from me )  , I call her but no respon or saw her around.. so Im just take the plate & go outside....
      On 11.36pm (i guess) , one of my sis worker suddenly Come & tell me tht my cat has been hit by a lorry.. I tought he was joking (Becaused He very love to joke around)  but my heart beating so fast  im became  curious & scared on the same time,  to see ,is it true or not....
    It was True,, My kiki was laying on the road, with the blood all around....I just run & take her , sit beside the road,,, I swear ,My tear fall out so quickly,,, I never tought  Kiki will go  crossing the road,, she never go near to the road tht really busy with car around, She even freak out to see a car  near to her.... I just lost a words,, feel like I was dreaming,having a nightmare....but I know it reality. she not even breath anymore,,she  was hug by me,,like a little child..... my mum also shock , sad... & later she take a  piece of cloth ,she put kiki on it,..she ask to me to go inside...I follow....My mind just empty. after a half minute later  my mum come in, she hug me & say it ok...but seriously I keep saying it my fault, Im so careless, I bad for ignoring her... She need her owner care on tht time :( ....from what my mum said, kiki grave is behinde the restaurants....
I just dont know what to say. I just go back home,,,, writing the blogpost now, then will try to sleep well.....the baby, I give it to my friend  ( worker at my sis restaurants too) . She also have a mother cats tht have 2 baby also birth 1 week ago ,( At least the baby still got a chance to live well with a mother ) 

Im sorry Kiki, Im a bad owner, I cant care u so well,,, but swear, I love u,, U not just a normal animals, u are my roomate & my bestfriend tht I always shared my  problem & happy time together .... hug & kiss ,  :"(

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Kiki New Baby & Guard Dog

haha Sorry for unclear video ,She just gave a birth yesterday night, all 6....  kinda similar to Dalmatian Pupies colour~^^~ Im sorry I dont want to intro more  about them yet, they still so small & need more rest & care, maybe next Time I will post more news ok~^^

She finally become a mother to 6 cute baby... but weirds all 6  of her baby are white + a black spot ...=="" nvm i like it!!

not 100% same lo but do i care..,haha
I love dalmatian,but it hard to be pet in malaysia^^
i also love Husky dog but not suitable for guard Dog...><

I want a dog tht can be a Guard tht protects the Owner ,family & the House....
my dream Dog is !!!^^

They are a Suitable Guard Dog, Not just a man bestfriends, But Loyal dog that will keep their guardian & the place safe...
Tht why I adore them ^^

Ps : if my mind was logic, I want to have

Well I began to adored Wolf after I accidently saw this site... U need to register it^^
but U will love it,,,A tame breed Wolf centre, reading the story make me fully in love,,,Do give a visit yea^^ :

Some people think Im weird ,well I know Im Weirds one ^^ But Im just have a weirds interest in a Good way for me , my family  & I'm happy with tht~^^
Right now I think is really needed ,Becaused the Burglary case &  Thief  
are increasely widespread, Well I also love to pet so much ,maybe they will be a good help fr me & I should open a farm someday in malaysia version one^^ hahaha LOL
List Of Animals tht Suitablee fr farm one~^^

Hehe ,Im sorry ,not this one.Im really AWARE ><!!
Dogs ,I'm still love, buts Pigs no thx , i Dont like it!
from some reason when I was Little ,I got some Incident with them,make me really hate them so so much

Sunday, 6 May 2012

The Chubby Cry Baby Girl ( malaysia Friend Ever)~!!^^

 Hello , Todays Topic is about one of my friend ... now consider as enemy for moments, haha cos we both Gamble to write each other bio  on our blog,,well I know she dont have her Internet line now, So im taking this as advantaged  :P hehe
well Bulalalala...... Before Im began to lost topic, I should just write it leh ( Jangan Marah ooo )!!
Her name is Aien ,I officialy know her in web chat (TAGGED),  ok at first time we both know,, Im kinda not comfortable, a bit scared to talk with her,maybe because im not really know her so well^^
after a  long time chat we finaly comfortable to talk~^^ I will tell more about her, so lets KNOW  who is she & her attitude  HERE~~ BTW She is one of my friends ok! (Ermm first Malay girls tht became a close friend with me) :)


Mia Biodata. . .

Name : Nuraini Binti Za'abar

DOB : 2nd August 1993

POB : Kluang, Johor

Schools : Sek. Keb. Sri Kg Tengah(SKSKT) , Sekolah Tinggi Kluang (STK)

Aim : As high as I can

Status : Forever . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Currently : A sales promoter at QQ Kids City

Love : Singing, Dancing, Acting, Modelling ; Just Kidding ^^,

Style : I don't care even if you hate me

Education : Foundation of Law "11/12

Says : I don't disturb you and don't you dare to disturb me

Character : Immature act, friendly, full of cheer

This is her Blog link : http://www.miszlife-aein.blogspot.com/
Im just want to make her Famous ^^!! even if she not like it,Do i care? :P
jahat me ~^^

Ok about her attitude,Actually Im not really meet her in real life,But one thing tht make me & her become a closed friend is,Her Sunny Charm ^^!
pS : I love they the ways she wearing "Tudung" unique,hahaha (A bit weird but nice :)
She is Talk active , Straight  Foward type , Full of Question , love bullying me =="" , A bit jahat....
love to make "Dush Dush" sound , she love screaming , More Good Side, She is a Good listener, Friendly, A supporting friend , Full of adviced , & She so open minded ( make me feel easy to close her) &  the reason why she got the Title "chubby Crybaby"???... because of her cute Chubby cheek + she easy to CRY~^^ (Baby girl....)^~^! hahahaha

Before We love to webcam chat together, Full of laugh & teasing each other...giving adviced,cherring for good luck, tell Story this and that  & supporting for good reason ....
haiz..right now we both busy, she currently working & so do I~^^
at first I cant believed I can be friend with her,becaused Im  very hard to talk with stranger  & girls ^^
but she just differents, her funny & cute act attract me a lot...
For me, she is one of the malay girl tht succes to be in my " Friends That I care So much" list :)

Hmmm Her life tht I know,,,a bit la,,, She from kluang .... currently working I guess~^^
age same with me, but im 1 year younger  in singapore....
Our Horoscope also same even I was 22^^~haha
but the differents Im a nerd & slow leo boy.... ><
She said  her face was "Babyface" Girl"???
a bit la..cos for me u face look more to matured & full of confiedent one
(Haiz u sure perasaan ni ><)
Bulala.... :P
haha well I dont want tell more,later she Crying~^^!! haahaha.....
one Things for sure...
Thx for coming to my world,Thx for be one of my friend .
You  a Cool friend ever,,,
Look foward to meet u in real life someday,,,But surely im the one who shy ><
ceh ,bulala whtever........
Miss aien , Lets hope our friendship last forever..
& I will win in this gamble ok ?? :P bleeeek
here one of ur cute pic,haahahaha~!!

Ps : this her Blog post about me : http://miszlife-aein.blogspot.com/2012/05/chubby-bulala-boy.html
do view & tell us which one better ^^

Life... :)

Here are Two Video that I just take this morning...
First is the pic of "Diamond Dove Birds" Sorry for the shaking of the video..because I was Running away from a Big dog tht trying to approach me ~!^^haha
the Tau ke sell RM30 each,, ++ lol at my place (Village) RM 25 for1 pair lol,,,haiz,better buy at my village...

The Pic Of Diamond Dove one of the small dove in group species, 
PS : One Of my Fave~!
Easy to pets,easy to be breed & Easy to tame with it owner~^^

after tht I go  to restaurant fr breakfast....
this one nice god creation approach me for food,,,
look at it make me very2 sad, wish I can pets it,but My house already full of pets   :(
Im sorry...

Picture :
She Seem so strong :") ...

hope u all enjoy my post & do give a comments yea

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Wow Marimo~!! ^^ (Japanese Moss Ball)

Hehehe it not a person name, but it was an aquatic plants name~^^ original from japan.....
It an algae but in unique round form....(It was natural breed like tht)
haha actually,I  never know about this plants, I accidently saw it at one of my friend wall in FB.....
because of so curious to know, Im GOOGLE & Search Youtube ,,,Lol very suprise....
Now It has been introduce in malaysia, walao~!!! need to buy it lol,,
Here a tips tht i found In Web about marimo care

Here are the Link to Raised & breed it^^ :
(  http://jaeplantscare.blogspot.com/2012/05/raising-japanese-moss-balls.html  )

Here some pic for it~^^!!


Simple Note
-- Just use a fresh water ( Air tawar biasa)  avoid clorine water (direct from pipes)!
-- Fish love it ( suitable for fish tht not so big & not aggresive)
-- can be put in pond, aquarium, jar glass, & even mini glass~^^
-- no need to be feed but need care the water quantity & YES ,It love Light.....

Here 2 video that I found In Youtube :

Marimo 1

Marimo 2

Want to to more about them???
here the link tht can Help u ~^^

Next time I will ty to find more news about marimo,, PS : I Also Will it someday!!!!!^^

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