Thursday, 14 June 2012

Double Funny Dream~!!!

Yesterday Night...I was dreaming about one of my fav girl (After School) Lizzy....hehe
she such a cutie pie baby,hehe I really adored her cuteness & yes Her porcelain white skin attract me the most,hehe make her look exactly like a baby ..... >_<~!!!!!
hehe this pic show how cute she is..( Orange Caramel "Shanghai Romance" era ) ..
I always want her to be  my girlfriends,or I want to find a lover tht have a similarity like her but I know, Nobody same...hehe so just lets me  thinks lizzy as my "Dark Lover in mind" hehe :P
Hmmm... the most shocking  time for me is.....
Lizzy new picture~~~><
for After School korean comeback "Flashback"
damn she really throw her cute side away into dustbin...
OMG .....=0=
Lizzy such a killer here~~!!!!

she is no 1 in my female biased list~^^ NOW...
other biased is..

-- Kahi

-- Nana

-- Jung Ah 

hehehe tht one is a female,,male one (Opss ,dont think bad yea,I just so Adore him)^^hehe

(U-Kiss) Kiseop
hehe   like I said before,I start love him after I saw His dorky  & Funny act in "Chef kiss" Story
PS:Imagined if he joke want to couple with me...LOL LOL LOL
OK~!!!!^^ hahaha (Just kiddin,a stupid mind dreamed,coz I love him & Lizzy so much) ><!!
& his sexy pic ever ( for me leh ,haha )
haha damn I love to have tht kind of body someday~^^! 

He is My no.1 male biased  In my list Now
other is...

-- Jaejoong

-- Kim Kibum

 -- (Bi) Rain


OKOK.... before I start to talk nonsense.. let Us go back to my title story...
hehe Yesterday I go a weirds dream ever, It all happen becaused I watch kiseop  a.k.a U-kiss story in my laptop & I also saw Lizzy new "Super Sexy" pic~
make me fully In Dreaming mind,, & tht time i just directly to sleep....
In my dream ( that I remember)  I just done jogging & was ready to go back home...
that time I saw Lizzy jogging alone by herself ( her bodyguard go other place i guess,Coz I want them not to disturbd kot,hahaha) I was like, is this real???? omg,,, I fast try to get closed to her...she was shocked and run very fast ,screaming & away from me T.T sad sad....... 
I go back home ,on my way to go home, I accidently saw kiseop (U-kiss) at the ice-cream shop (Since when Kiseop love ice-cream??? lol ==)..Dont want to wasted any chance ,Im want to have his autograph,prepared my paper & pen (Dont know Where I got it),haha I run so fast toward him & Scream "Kiseop Hyung"!!!! & suddenly  BAMMMMM!!!!! 
.................................................. I fall.... from my bed..............==""" 
sakit lo.frustrated,pain,sad,Potong line,EVERYTHING!!!!!!ARRGHHHH!! >_<
&  On tht time I also realised ,at the same time, My cousin..mimie also fall from her bed....
Both of us laughing..then she ask me why I fall, I tell her about my dream,she laugh it out loud....then I start asking her,why she also fall from the bed???
she smiling (Shy).she start to tell me...
She tell ..In her dream, Dongho (u-kiss) come to meet her & He asking to marry with her...
LOL LOL LOL =0=...

Shin Dongho ( MY cousin  Dreamed Husband)

She dont want me to put her pic ( on the time she wake up from sleep) haha lol okok~^^

Monday, 11 June 2012

Life Of Me ....

Hello guys it been a long time Im not write here,hehe.. well That does't mean I forget this place already ,haha^^
well My Daily life is geeting busy & busy,,, even my friends keep complaint that I dont have enough time to hang out with them... hmmm i also  feel the same but Im swear ,friendships is important to me^^!!

I just take a new baby Boy to my house, quiet "Manja" ..... everyone he try to attract haha..
Still dont name for Him.hmmm thinking2.. btw "WELCOME HOME"

On afternoon, I make this tea very2  nice ,it call, Dragon Pearl Tea .. & I love the flower bloom in the water (Tea)
hehe thx to my big brother tht buy it to me ><!!

A few pic, some of the worker are upgrade the restaurants^^

Im just take a short time to taking pic cos Im rushed to go meet my beloved brother !!!^^

We go to sushi king at Jusco Bukit Indah,,, there I eat almost all kind of sushi ,hahaha ~^^! 
I really shamed with my own act tht time but i cant help it,I love sushi ^^!!!
PS: fat me~~~

Salmon, octopus,fish eggs, blanded fish mix with egss, Shasimo,Tamago ><!!

Shashimie, My fav ever!!!!!!!!

Fried eel with ketchup & sushi rice, eat it, sure u want more~~ :P

picture of unfamous & stupid boy ,bleeek :)

After for 1 day hang out, we go back to hotel, well sorry I have no time to tke picture becaused so tired,,sleep ^^~~~ zzzZZZ......... & my Bro go having a breakfast.. hehe

he waiting to order water,haha

me with bare face & nothing touch up LOL haha
having Noodle Soup & Soya Ketchup Duck ..
very2 nice,,,^^

the pic of me trying to finish all of it & Im happy becaused all of it now in my stomatch :P

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