Thursday, 19 July 2012

Hehehe .... MELAKA TRIP &...........

Hello ,, waa Im miss to write in my Precious Blog so much!!!, (Well so busy with work & Study).. it a long time story BUT do i care!! hehe,,, 

Well I go holiday with my brother to Melacca!!
 Im not take many pic & but i STEAL it from my brother pic in facebook ,hehehe 

Waarrrhhh!!!!! My skin toned a bit . becaused I go out on afternoon,, when the SUN are Shine Brightly above my head ><""""~~!!!!!!

btw this is the view from the hotel window tht I Check In ^^ so nice yet so HOT 
(Vampired really hate SUN  =="""")

well after Chit chat & plans with my bro,,, we decide to go out to look around hehe
& I dont even realised he take my pic!!!!lololol  NOOOO!!!
(Ugly me :( ...)
Some of the Random Pic tht
we SNAPP ^^ oo yeah

(Heliconia plants.... *Smirked)

We having our lunch here,,,,,,First time Im eating meatball pasta..
very2 nice & yes the staff/serviced/view is 100% GOOD :)....
(Ps : so many foreigner here ,,, ShyShy)

hehe , wanna know what??? when i look at this SIGN,,, I was like,,"Godness gracious , later I need to check. How much weight tht I lose" hahaha~^^!!!
(Always has a CRAZY mind)

At least we reach to the place tht surely attract us,, hehe Finnally I can find my fav "TAKOYAKI" here!!!
if I not mistake this place are call "Jonker Walk"
I guess so ,, haha so amazed by the dragon statue^^
kinda welcoming us  LOL haha

Tht I saw one man look kinda like "Maher Zaain " I guess,hahah
NICE CAR but Im not so interest in tht, sorry dude... >P

WEll  most of all, this little FELLA really attract me ...A LOT!!!!
Pure Ghost eyed Persian Cats......
I wish i can freeze time for moments & stare to this cute baby  a bit longer BUT haizz, still need to explored other place, sigh ~~~~
(PS : Ask the Owner,, one for RM500.... mean = 1000.... =="""""""
just puts both of u in my dream list lo :P)

at A Famosa area hehe I love the tree so much^^~

Wow *Drooling......~~~

this is a nice chruch.hehehe But I love singapore chruch more ~&^^!! hahaha
well snap for memory^^!

having "ICe kacang" to COLD my Head ,Mind & Condition from  the HOT HOT sun^^ haha

Night time at "Jonker Walk"

Shopping,,explore place...haha We having fun & I even cannot say by words,how happy I am, it my time to go vacation in melaka^^
After Tht Back to hotel


I dream ,seriously same like this pic~!! (Swear)
Do u know any meaning?????

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