Tuesday, 13 November 2012

My Plants Update ^^

Hmm,, Quiet long time I'm not update my news ^^
so sorry to all my friends, Kinda busy this few week ...

When I reach JB, My mum bought two fruit at store near to our house..

This fruit, I already saw it , alot in Thailand ^~^ & yes Im fav it so Damn Much!!

Errr ,This fruit ,Im a bit unfamiliar with it, Kinda look like rambutan fruit ( I saw at the store but never taste)
,My mum say it nice, but I didn;t have a chance to taste it ,BECAUSE my  Cute (Teasing) Mother eat it all up ..... T.T~~!!

After Having an enough rest, Im decide to go to plants nursery,,, thinking to add some plants as my collection~^^!!!
( Happy + energetic mood  Is ON )

 First plants that attract my eyes is this!
Barbados Cherry
I always want to see this cherry with my own eyes & when I saw it, I falling in love (With the plants!)
hehe one for RM 5 (Malaysia money) LOLOLOL~
I buy two~^^!
hoping it will grow nicely under my care~

 Seconde Plants is this "Mulberry Plants" seriously I'm lucky to find this plants that already produce fruit & yes it also can be eat fresh~~
I taste it & yes I definitely want it in my little garden~
this plant I got only  in  RM 10~~ XD!

~ My Plants in garden ~

 My " sabah snake grass " In a very good health & grow nicely,, Im so proud because Im success to care & breed it~^^!!!

Dark blood Hoya plants, grow In good condition, Im thinking to change it in a bigger size of pot..

My "Queen of the Night" plants, bloom a flower~!^^

this is Wild orchid (Yellow colour)

my poliantus,, the 7th time flower ~^^!

pitcher plants already have a seconde generation~^^

bottle plants,, getting bigger from the size that I first time buy it~

^^ hehe

 & this is the pic  where I go hang out in jb, A random pic~^^ hehe

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