Saturday, 28 December 2013

Short singapore trip ^_^

Hello,, this story is date at : 26.12,2013..
because of busy overload, I didnt have time to write about it, now I steal my "sleep time" , so I will happily want to post this pic... Let the pic tell its stories ^w^

Punggol Area 
(Oscar Fish following me) ^^

With my brother, last snap before we goin to IKEA Tampines 

I randomly take the price tag, just to show to my mum ! =_= ..

And im looking for this plants everywhere....
so hard to find it in Nursery >_<~~~

This Light give me Goosebumps... I mean seriously ^^
I dont have any idea where I could put this in my room , But I'll
Like IT!!

Funny stories about this dustbin,  Before we heading out from ikea,, we go to the food court area and have some fast food, After finish it, Im stood still for moment, holding the paperbag and look around ( for the dustbin) while my brother look at me and say ,"its infront of you" ... ~~okkk.....   Stupid dustbin ( Honestly me...) ><

At thompson road Nursery.. like i say Let the pic tell the storis ( Honestly, im lazy to write) hehehe
change mind, I'll write abit hehe..

I didn't have this colour before ( have but pale yellow) this one real yellow,,, drooling sigh~~

Again like a maniac, im thinking how to bring this back to JB..... hard to find ....
People will never know myh feeling evertime I say plants that I like, its just hard to describe... 

(UP) This two was my face pic & plants,  plus news I'll have it already,,, thanks to my wonderful parents , the buy on the way they want to go back home, even I received that , I'll still with my poker face (my heart jumping  and screaming out loud).... hehe its hard to lie to my mum, she know me well, hehehe....Tq mum ^^

I like this plants but not yet attract to buy it ^^ just like to see...

(UP) This Cammellia plants , I'll really love it ( I love big shrub plants).. but the price make me thinks twice,, im not work in singapore anymore .... =_= hmmm...
nvm ,, just see you in my dream ^_^

I never have this species of heliconia before,, so jusst take pic for reminder that I'll have experience to meet one in real life ^^

If I not mistake , Its a Morning Glory plants...NICE.....

Different variety... sigh goin crazy...

Dancing lady orchid... still need to learn alot about care them... I need more knowledge about it ^^

(UP) This is Butterfly Orchid,, one of the most beautiful and one of the "hard to care"  orchid,,  

(UP) its an Pitcher plants and Drosera plants,, I'll love pitcher plants and thinking to add few species as my collection.. As for Drosera, I'll like it too, but there no hope  for me to plants and care it in malaysia climate,, its not suitable... :( so i cant put hope in it ~~~

One Words : LOVE ... It ^^

At My Mini Garden , One new update :
My grape plants have finally produce fruit ^^!!!!

I got alot update about my hoya plants,amaryllis , but still didnt have enough time to snap the pic, I will try to work it out ok,, really need to find a right time for blogging ^^ hehe

That all for now, Big hugs for people that always view my blog, thanks

Monday, 18 November 2013

SORRY for not update all my 3 Blog ~~

Sigh , I got alot topic to talked,shared and discuss,, But My Brodband jamm , and i cannot go cc everyday T_T... sigh,,,,  I miss blogging so much ~ >_< so far my life is busy with work, Im open my own mini corner shop, selling fast food , so kinda busy , i buy alot  book but still finding the right time to read all of them ,hehe.
next year, I will try my best to reach my goal to enter baking class, wish me luck yea, I got alot of idea and i want to do alot of things, but I still a normal human, if im overworked myself, I can be put again in hospital, like what happen 3 years ago,,, ( longs story, lazy to write^^) ... so in nearest time i will try my best rearrange back all my schdule ,so i can go back to blogging ^^...

Ps : nanti nak start guna bahasa melayu lah ^_^ hahaha, Im still green , jadi sila beri tunjuk ajar ye?? hehehe

 ok so Jaejae will work hard  and try his best to success, FIGHTING ~~!!!! ^w^

on of my newest pic :P hehe

Ps :  herea naughty pic of Nu'east  M ren and  (new member) Jason 
during thier debut performance in china , I think they look cute ( Poisoned brained) ,I love ren for her (his) girlie face ,, and jason,, he's ruining my male bias list of coz,,, but still.. 
Kim Jaejoong  is the best ^_^

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Fashionistar 2013 BET awards : Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj looks's very differents (In a GOOD way)
all in natural looks (Make up, clothes) , even she's tanned , but she rock the platinum blonde as her trademark nicely ^^

Before (Below) My opinion,some of her worst fashion style...
Nicki Minaj Sparkly One Piece Body

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

My story about Amaryllis plants ^^!

Hello, Its been a long time... wahhh sudah berhabuk  blog saya!!! hahaha
Well ,I'm quit busy with works, house cleaning & yes my gardening. Ok done with the blabbering~!
I'm writing today,to shared about my interest in amaryllis...its a bulb plants, (My fav one!)... 

Before when I was 10, I spend one year and five monts in my village, I and my aunt (She's a amaryllis fancier)  collect alot of amaryllis & some other bulb plants, that time we have almost 45 species of bulb plants, some from highland (Cameron Highland), we buy, we ask, we search in jungle (that's me) & we even steal it ( well actually its me too, that time ,I'm a bit naughty one,haha )...BUT... the sad part is ,After I finish my holiday there, I'll go back to singapore... after 3 years (13) , I'll return there again and i find out, most of it already die.... my aunt cant care them (since she pregnant and busy with baby), my grandparents, they dint know how to take care of coz... T.T...
because of that, I'm a bit sad , then I stop my interest for moments

NOW ( Im 19) 22 august I'll official 20 ^_^!
well on january . I  went to works, well actually its quit early,so I skipped to plants nursery for drooling  a moments ,hehe
At the nursery, I was looking around until I saw a very nice plants seem familiar to me... so I take a closer look, after a few time ,I remember its was amaryllis plants ( My first amaryllis today in garden = Garfied Lily)... from that moments, My interest towards amaryllis ,grows once again ^^!!!!
now I'm mostly got hippeastrum species

(Some of my Hippeastrum lily)
Here the flower picture (from net)

Hippeastrum "Supreme Garden"

Hippeastrum reticulatum (Garfield Lily)

Variegated Spider Lily

Red-white Hippeastrum ( Cameron Highland)

my garfied lily is in blooming process

This one is haemanthus multiflorus also can be know as Blood lily or torch lily ^^ One of my fav

proiphys amboinensis  
This one is a local amaryllis,I'll found it as one of the unique plants in amaryllis,,,, ^^ got it from neighbour, Im very happy!!!

This one is "Rain Lily " also In Amaryllis  family, just in differents  species (Smaller)
This is the colout that I got in my garde (net pic)
Pale pink / Pink colour

Pale Pink ( bit bigger size)

Pure Yellow Colour

Pure White Colour

Yellowish White colour

Some of the reason that I'll love about amaryllis is, They can adapt well In every different weather ..but still need to see their species, coz some from the high land need to be give an extra care...
They easy to care, easy to breed. I love when the start to give flower (Bloom) ..come in variety of colour,  My biggest dream is to collect and mix them all in my garden ,hehe wish me luck :)

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