Sunday, 31 March 2013

Hello !!^0^

Wow !! quit long i'm not on9 ,hehehe.. tommorow I will start my new works at pets dream works,hehe
Btw I would love to post my things pic , to share with my friends~ hehe

This is "Kenn" ,He sleeping position is quit weirds, so I take it ^^ hehe...

This  pic (Below) I was at "Pasir Panjang"  with my family, hehe , this is my favourite place to eat ,hahaha , I'm sure i will come here often in future :3 hehehe

This pic (Below) , I was so focus writing  some paper works at home, so focus until I dint realised my mum taking this pic..
Me : what's u doin mum ?
Mum : just  taking ur pic...
Me: why??
Mum: because ur focus face is so funny  :)
Me : =.= err whatever, no pic again ok?
Mum : see how .. :P
Me : sigh...

This pic, im showing my mum something, but she keep taking my pic =="" 

Big banana (Im such a random snap pic guy) haha

Im at "Dekka pasar" at Little India road in singapore...this place , I would love to buy fresh seafood (Fish) for my daily life :)

this lobster is seriously BIG~~~

While this is "Kiki" (below)

Koko say "Good Night"^^

My baby house ^_^

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