Thursday, 18 April 2013

Tudung Bawal Exclusive ( Suitable for Female Muslim )

Hello, today I would like to shared a new fashion post, its suitable for muslim women/girls ,expecially people who wear tudung, :)

Tudung Bawal Exclusive 

BAWAL EXCLUSIVE is a Tudung Bawal that other than you have ever met before, because we use only cloth voil (pomfret) of high quality, specially brought in from Japan. Choice of quality products is our priority for you. Pomfret scarf collection, we have more than 100 existing primary colors to match the color of your shirt. Each month we bring new colors and styles. Just to make sure you will not be disappointed with the choice of colors to match your clothes. The pattern on the lid pomfret from us are different from the others. Pomfret lid with various types of embroidery, and embroidery antique rocking is our own design. Volume seller is pomfret embroidery lid with Swarovski crystals. In addition we also sell pomfret cover without embroidery but elegant with sparkling Swarovski crystals with different colors. So to get the lid pomfret original and exclusive boutiques, came to our business which operates from 10am to 7pm, seven days a week.

Yesterday on  Metro newspaper  ( 18-04-2013 ) 

Some of Example Pic for the tudung pattern :

Lebah (Bees

Polkadot pattern

Merak (Peacock)

Mahkota Eiffel (Eiffel Crown)

Mahkota Dewi (Goddess Crown )

Love Lv

Rama - Rama ( Butterfly )


Ratu Rerama (Queen Butterfly)

Mahkota Kirana ( Kirana crown )

JJ : Seriously, Im a guy ( but if Im a girl ,I'll sure buy it LOL) I dont even know how to wear  ,hahaha!  but for girls (muslim) u should chec it out! It very nice~ !!!( Over excited =="")

Adress : no 205,Tingkat 1 , Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman.

Call them : +60123985295   ,  +603-26985295

Fax : +603-26985295 

Email : (, )

You can visit them at their  WEBSITE : ))
PAGES : ( ))
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