Monday, 18 November 2013

SORRY for not update all my 3 Blog ~~

Sigh , I got alot topic to talked,shared and discuss,, But My Brodband jamm , and i cannot go cc everyday T_T... sigh,,,,  I miss blogging so much ~ >_< so far my life is busy with work, Im open my own mini corner shop, selling fast food , so kinda busy , i buy alot  book but still finding the right time to read all of them ,hehe.
next year, I will try my best to reach my goal to enter baking class, wish me luck yea, I got alot of idea and i want to do alot of things, but I still a normal human, if im overworked myself, I can be put again in hospital, like what happen 3 years ago,,, ( longs story, lazy to write^^) ... so in nearest time i will try my best rearrange back all my schdule ,so i can go back to blogging ^^...

Ps : nanti nak start guna bahasa melayu lah ^_^ hahaha, Im still green , jadi sila beri tunjuk ajar ye?? hehehe

 ok so Jaejae will work hard  and try his best to success, FIGHTING ~~!!!! ^w^

on of my newest pic :P hehe

Ps :  herea naughty pic of Nu'east  M ren and  (new member) Jason 
during thier debut performance in china , I think they look cute ( Poisoned brained) ,I love ren for her (his) girlie face ,, and jason,, he's ruining my male bias list of coz,,, but still.. 
Kim Jaejoong  is the best ^_^

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